Monday, February 1, 2010

Boogers on the light switch and other catastrophes.

Yesterday may win the award for worst day of my life. As I write this I'm trying to decipher who or what is to blame the nightmare that is innocently referred to as the stomach flu. It's really miserable when one child is puking violently all night long, but when two are that is a fate close to purgatory. It gets worse though. As if I didn't need any more encouragement to live a faithful life as to avoid eternal damnation...

Two nights after racing the boys to the toilet all night long (some times making it)our entire family suffered through the mess, and all I had to thankful for during the whole horrid incident was having two bathrooms. -Oh and the sweet person who brought us ginger ale and saltines just when I thought we would all die from dehydration. Right now you're thinking..."wow she's being a bit dramatic".

No my dear friends, no. Just go wash your hands and avoid anyone who is pale because I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy (a thought I actually considered while caressing my bathroom floor yesterday).

I wish I could purchase stock in bleach.

And now the clean up begins. As I walk around my house and see what occurs when a five year old and his kid brother are left to their own devices I still do not wish for yesterday to ever return. Rest assured when I finish bleaching the bathrooms, I'll start on the light switches, and hopefully I'll get to the half eaten apples that await me in the freezer.