Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Secret Life of a Minister's Wife

This list is dedicated to my sweet friends who are blessed to be minister’s wives. For those of you who are not married to the ministry this list may be surprising. It may sound a lot like you.

I am a minister’s wife.

I love to sing.
I often over-eat.
I am obsessed with chocolate, coffee, and nachos.
I have been snotty to my husband and angry with my children.
I do not eat okra or squash.
I have enjoyed glasses of wine, playing cards, and have occasionally danced.
I have three fallible children, and I enjoyed the process of conceiving each one of them.
I have lied.
I have cursed.
I make mistakes everyday.
I get lonely.
I can’t get you into heaven, even if you are nice to me.
I pray.
I hurt.
I have hope.
I doubt.
I do not have all the answers.
I have faithless days.
I am not your personal employee, but I would love to be your friend.
I love to laugh.
I am madly and passionately in love with my husband.
I am madly and passionately in love with my husband’s ministry.
I like to go to "church".
I think Bible class is fun.
I do not have the Bible memorized, but I do take it to heart.
I have been up late and have slept in.
I bite my nails.
I am devoted to God first and my family second.
I have children who fight, throw tantrums, and wet the bed.
I prefer pug dogs to cats.
I don't understand human suffering, and won't pretend to.
I watch TV and movies and TV movies.
I have changed the TV channel, and walked out of movies.
I listen to an occasional rock ballad.
I have traveled the world for Jesus when my heart aches for my roots and my parents’ arms.
I facebook.
I prefer holding hands over folded hands during prayer.
I do not speak or pray in the King James Version.
I have eaten potluck food that I’m allergic to, in order to keep peace.
I believe women do amazing things for Jesus.
I believe teenagers do amazing things for Jesus.
I believe in prayer, in unity, in change, and in heaven.
I love the church.
I love the Lord.
I serve the Lord.
I am blessed....

and I might be out of a job once everyone finds me out.


  1. I liked it when I first read it and I like it now. :-)

  2. If you're "out of a job," they are out of their heads!

    We miss you and your family...

  3. Caryn, This is simply FANTASTIC!! I loved every line of it. You are indeed Blessed. I pray I will one day be able to give such a legacy to my children. I would love for them to experience living in a Christian home.I am Blessed to have you as a friend. Linda

  4. Your candor and humor bring tears of joy to my eyes. Your love for our Lord brings encouragement to my heart.

  5. And I meant to rell you I have been a minister's wife for 30 years.

  6. Thank you my friends! It is so affirming and rich to hear from other minister's wives. We certainly share a common bond!


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