Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trampoline Anticipation and Easter.

Last summer we bought a trampoline for the backyard. I can’t describe the joy and laughter that came with the addition of this bouncy death trap. We all, yes myself included, bounced our way through the summer and learned all sorts of tricks that our ogling neighbor witnessed. I'm sure we gave him more dinner conversation than he'd like. We dismantled our new toy in late fall to keep it in good condition for the next year.

Almost daily since February my daughter has asked her daddy when he would put the trampoline back up. I'm not going to mince words here, he's sick of hearing about the trampoline. If my daughter forgets to ask, then one of the boys dutifully fill in for her. It has nearly driven my sweet husband crazy. He finally set a date to put the thing up thinking the questions would stop. (Are all the mothers out there laughing?) Now, like any other normal child, they ask him every morning while he is pouring his first cup of coffee..."Daddy how much longer till the day we put up the trampoline?" I can tell you that the day that broken-leg-waiting-to-happen goes up there will be so much rejoicing from both parties that the neighborhood will undoubtedly hear cheers and shrieks of joy. My husband may shed tears as he walks in relieved of his duties.

This same man that my children harass daily about the trampoline is also the man they eagerly wait to see everyday. Every day I hear the question, "When is daddy going to be home?" Every day I watch my six year old son sit in the window and wait with anticipation for his “best friend daddy” to come home. And when daddy gets home it is always as if he's been gone for weeks; six little feet run to hug him...and to ask about the trampoline.

On Sunday some wonderful soul had the notion to put a countdown on the screen to let us know when worship was to begin. My daughter and her close friend counted down with the timer. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2…

Every Sunday we have the opportunity to worship our Father, our awe inspiring Creator. I wish I had the sweet eagerness, expectancy, and anticipation of my children. I wish every day closer to Sunday was full of more excitement and thrill. I wish everyone who professed Christ had the keen conviction that one day a week for one small hour we have the blessing to stand together before the Lord and say "Thank you, Glorious Father for setting us free from sin and death!"

I promise you, if we all shared this anticipation for worship there would no longer be discouraged worship ministers and preachers asking themselves what they are doing wrong. Meager, monotonous and thoughtless Sundays would be replaced with joyous momentous and memorable worship where God is praised and His people are edified.

Easter is upon us, dear ones.
Easter: the day we are reminded of our triumphant Savior, our generous Savior.
Easter: when the rest of the world recognizes a Christian day that proclaims the very gospel of our risen Lord.
Easter: the day that brings us to our knees in unworthiness and exalts us to an unfathomable redemption.

I am here to tell you, every day is Easter. I am here to tell you, every Sunday praise service is an opportunity to remember Easter. He is the reason we rejoice. He is the reason we sing. He is the reason we are.

We don’t just meet together to beat the Baptists to the IHOP, friends. We don’t come together on Sunday’s to share the latest iphone purchase or compare the latest shoe sale find. We are not there to proclaim us. We are there to proclaim Him. Forget you. Praise Him.

This Easter season, may you eagerly and with anticipation make time to come together with a body of believers and worship our Savior. Recognize the wonder and unfathomable greatness of an undeserved salvation through the perfect Lamb. Praise Him with all you have. Sing without shame. Experience and share the joy of our risen Lord. Worship. Anticipate the arrival of our King. He is risen.