Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dear Christian, As school starts...

Remember to pray with your kids before you send them out the door each and every day.

Remember to pray for the teachers who care for your kids each and every day.

Remember to trust teachers. They spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to learn how to teach your children. Let them. They teach. You parent. Teachers are not the enemy.

Remember that you set the example of how to respect teachers and authority. So, respect teachers.

Don't yell at teachers, coaches, (youth ministers)...ever. Seriously, never.

Respect teachers' time. They have family. They have feelings...just like you. They also have a big job to do, and your kid is just a piece of that overwhelming puzzle.

Remember that a teacher who doesn't attend worship with you or a worship like you may still be a fabulous teacher and a great example. Atheists, muslims, hindus, and christians can all be amazing teachers.

Remember that you carry Christ with you to your school, to your parent/teacher conferences, and to concerts, and to games.

Remember that more people than just you are allowed to love your kids. Let them. Be thankful for them.

Remember that there is still good in the world that there are still great people in the world despite the media onslaught of negative sensationalism. Have more hope and trust in your maker.

Remember that others can share testimonies to help your children grow and become mature. Your kids need this.

Remember to let your children experience success by their own merit. Let them suffer defeat. Let life teach them how to handle life.

Finally, remember that you, parent, YOUR example is the most important example to your child. Despite the hours spent away at school or in practice, children learn the most from mom and dad. A child's moral and ethical compass come from mom and dad alone. Impress love and morality and righteousness on your children daily. That is YOUR job.

Have a great year!