Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It is surprising...

what my acquaintances believe plagues me while attempting grad school and at the same time parenting three young kids. I've heard mention of the struggles of getting focused on deeper texts when normally my media intake involves puppets or animation. I've also been asked how I keep my house clean or my family fed. Neither of these would happen if I didn't have an amazing husband who tolerates me and the messy house and even cleans for me at times. Of course, I've also been accused of plopping my kiddos in front of the Disney channel for hours at a time. I'm not going to lie. This has been the case during my finals or while I'm writing a big paper, but much to the chagrin of my critics, I do most of my grad work/writing during quiet time, otherwise known to parents as, nap time. Today I was attempting to do just this.

I've decided to let you in on the truth. The primary difficulty of studying during the quiet time of two little boys is this...

1. My computer is situated at one end of the house and their room is at the other... beside the bathroom.

2. You never really know when they are asleep or if they are really truly in their room. Those little sock feet are amazingly stealth.

So, my friends, the most trying aspect of grad school during quiet hour is the daily treasures that I find in the toilet when the hour comes to a close.

Here is a run down of what I found today in our family potty:

1 20 oz. plastic cup
1 Jasmine (from Aladdin) Pez dispenser
1 small plastic toy cocker spaniel
15 plastic wrappers that once surrounded 15 rose scented bath fizzies
a mountain of pink rose scented bath fizzy foam
1 pair of child size scissors
1 green Veggie Tales toothbrush

There you have it. This is what plaques me...a clogged toilette. Luckily for me I own a plunger, rubber gloves, and a slotted spoon which is never used for cooking.


  1. Wow, now i definitely don't feel so alone on that front!
    Although my little girl thinks that putting shampoo or similar items in the toilet makes bubbles like a her bubble baths and it "helps mommy with cleaning". You hit the nail there! Thanks again for a good read!

  2. Umm....industrial strength clamps for locking of toilet lid. ;o)

    And thanks for letting us know that you don't use that spoon for cooking.

  3. I stumbled on your blog from a friend's and just died laughing. My kids are older now, but I remember one little boy who both gave his dinosaur a bath and brushed his teeth in the potty (shudder) and a little girl who baptized her favorite dolly (also in the potty, of course!). Take heart...they really will outgrow that stage! :)


  4. Good to hear from you girls!

    You know what, I would get the potty clamp but my middle child is an emergency peer. If he doesn't get there with an open lid, we have BIG problems. SOOOOOO--that is a little bit more of an explanation for the crazies.

    Thanks for reading!


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