Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Battle of Wills and Won’ts- based on actual events

In class last week we had an assignment to write a simple script, mostly for fun I think. The script had to include several examples of defensive communication behaviors. Unfortunately, my first thoughts went to my own household. I thought I'd share this and see if it sounds anything like your houses?

Battle of Wills and Won’ts- based on actual events


Lily – A seven year old independent opinionated little girl who is ready to move out of the house into her own apartment. Her parents feel she is fully capable of this move.

Elijah – A laid back sensitive four year old who simply wants someone to love him.

Micah – A precocious and obstinate two year old much like his sister, Lily.

Scene begins with Lily coming home from school finding her room not in the perfect condition she left it in. Instead there are two books out of place on the floor beside her neatly organized bookshelf. She hears noises coming from her closet.

Lily- (yelling) Get out of my room right now!

Elijah- (comes in Lily’s room from the hallway) I am not in your room. Mom! Lily is yelling at me. (Leaves Lily’s room)

In a corner of Lily’s closet hides Micah coloring in Lily’s favorite Fairy book and laughing.

Lily- (Follows Elijah) I know you were in my room. It is a mess and I heard you in there. You are always in my room Elijah!

Elijah- Nuh uh!!! Did not!! (Looks back into Lily’s room and then quietly questions) Where’s da mess, Lil?

Lily- YOU know where the mess is. Now get in there and clean it right now or I’m getting mom and then you’ll get your game taken away.

- (looking in Lily’s room) Well, I didn’t do it. My room IS messy though. Wanna watch TV?

- Well, I don’t care what you do. If you are not going to clean up your mess then I won’t watch your shows with you.

Elijah- Lily! I did not make a mess in your room. I made a mess in MY room see!! (Pointing toward his room) Where’s Micah? Maybe he wants to watch shows.

- MOM! Elijah refuses to clean up his mess in my room. It is clearly his responsibility!

- MOM! It’s not my ‘sponsibity to clean Lil’s room! I’ll clean my room. That’s my ‘sponsibity!

Micah emerges from Lily’s room with Fairy book in hand. Lily sees Micah and yanks book from his hands.

Lily- MICAH!!!

- I told you Lil. He did it.

- MOM! Micah colored in MY book!

Elijah- Lil you owe me a ‘pology.

Lily- (Not looking him in the face) Yeah. Sorry. Ugh. Now I have to completely reorganize my shelf. (Walks away to her room and slams the door)

Elijah quietly turns on his favorite show and sits with Micah on the couch. Lights dim. Fade to black.


  1. Ummm....I know this was an exercise in defensive communication, which isn't pleasant...

    ...but this made me laugh. A LOT. ;oD

  2. Glad you laughed. For me it was more a commentary on the gross reality that my children are JUST like me. We are working on positive communication in our house. :)

  3. Ha ha. I love it. I think I'd be to scared to put up an accurate description of an argument at our house! Olivia can relate to Lily and the messing up the room thing and other big sis stuff, but I think that's where the similarities quit. I think despite the birth order that Olivia and Elijah are similar and Chris and Lily are similar. Micah and Alex sound just alike. Alex delights in seeing what will happen if he grabs a pen and goes to town on a My Little Pony or starts ripping the arms off a transformer.
    Did you get an A+ on this one? I hope so!


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