Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let's just keep it civilized.

It is so ironic and comical that while I work on improving myself with further education in the hopes of being a sophisticated professional someday soon, that my life is just the opposite. One minute I'm trying to absorb The Legal Traditions of the World , my current textbook, and the next minute I hear screams of disgust coming from my daughter regarding my completely naked two year old that is using our backyard as a toilette.

I don't really understand the genetic trait that courses through the veins of my boys that inspires their love of nudity. I don't really recall any relatives that joined those "special" beach resorts that require no clothing. What I really don't get is why this liberating, albeit refreshing, experience must be had in the open air of the front or back yard while the neighbors ogle and wonder where the crazy lady is who cares for these exhibitionists.

Most of the time I'm trying to write thought provoking material for class I start to hear the lyrics from Yo Gabba Gabba in my head. There have even been several times where I've considered citing Dr. Seuss in a paper because suddenly one of the lines from The Cat and the Hat relate so clearly to cultural conflicts.

Days like these make me wonder if I can truly make it in the real world after so many years of chasing naked miniature people. Is there a place in this world for a recovering stay-home-mom? It will seem strange to go through days at a time without potty predicaments and nosy neighbors noting nakedness.


  1. "Recoverying stay-at-home mom" is an excellent way of putting it! I often wonder how that transition will go for me in a few years...

    I'm convinced that my brain is turning to mush since the language I have to use to communicate with my children is less than impressive.

    Great blog!

  2. Thanks! I see the big transition coming soon for our family. Some days I dread it, other days it can't come soon enough.

    I know what you are saying...mush brain goes with the territory and all the Noggin shows.


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