Monday, February 2, 2009

Ode To Eve...the sequel

As I was editing Ode to Eve again. It is a weird habit of mine to edit and edit again and again...

I noticed something...check this out.

Eve ate the fruit after the serpent said it would allow her to be like God. My question then was... why wouldn't she want to be like God? I would be tempted to eat too if I could be the creator of all things wondrous and beautiful. Eve fell for that temptation and ate.

Up to this point no children had been born. Could Eve had known her anatomical ability as a female to give birth or is it possible that God when dolling out the consequences allowed her the gift of feeling life grow within?

Women, although we do not create the life, we experience something of creation while those precious bundles grow within our bellies. Eve was able to feel, to carry, to experience a tiny bit of what it is to bring life into the world. As women, most of us get to experience the amazing joy of watching life emerge from nothing. Every pregnancy I experienced was amazing to me. Even when some ended in loss, I never for a moment discounted the sheer wonder of life within.

The interesting point here is that life is born through pain.

Does this pain then symbolize the pain that God feels when He looks at His bundles of joy as they turn their backs on Him?

Just some more thoughts on our old friend Eve.

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