Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Letting You In on a Little Secret.

After nearly thirty years of being a minister's daughter and now eleven years of being a youth minister's wife, I've decided it is time to let the masses in on something that maybe they don't know.

When in front of the congregation preaching a sermon that you studied for hours upon hours before presenting, after days of prayer and often fasting before bringing the word to the congregation...it might be pertinent to make you aware...

we can see you sleeping. Did you know that?

When you complement the sermon after we watch you sleep through it, it just rubs salt in the wound.

Now, I'm not daft enough to believe, or even suggest, that every sermon is a winner. Come on, we've all struggled through some snoozers, and even the best orators will confess to butchering a sermon every now and then. Nevertheless, let's just be honest shall we?

Believe me, I know it's tough to sit still for twenty minutes after staying up all night with a screaming infant, wrestling her into a Sunday dress just so she can decorate it with last night's digested pasta, and once you get to worship notice that digested pasta is now an undesirable accessory on your skirt. I know. I've been there. I don't even really mind if you fall asleep. Let's just not deny it or pretend it doesn't happen. I just want honesty people!

There you have it...another secret revealed. I have many more where that came from.

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