Monday, July 13, 2009

My Cup Runneth and Runneth.

The last three weeks have meant the world to me. I am up at 4AM trying to put it all into words and for what seems like the first time...I just can't sum it up yet.

For now, what I want to share with the world is...

I have an amazing husband who allows me to study, be myself, travel, and grow. He is the biggest blessing in my life and I love him. How do I deserve this guy?

I have amazing friends. Last week I reunited with my college buddies. Though separated by miles, our relationships are still in tact and growing. Thanks girls for an amazing week of laughter, music, and the stomach flu. I love each of you so much. The triad of power reigns supreme.

I live in an amazing place. I like to travel. I can feel at home pretty much anywhere. HOWEVER, it was great coming home to Michigan. We are so blessed with our church family, and I am ever thankful to God for allowing us to live here. Bring on the Vernor's and cider mills!

God is so good. Maybe I'll head back to bed and when I wake up I'll be able to compose more thought provoking material. But for now...God is truly a good God. So often I'm hung up on the little things that grow into BIG bitterness, but that is my problem not God's. When I boil it all down, I see that I am blessed.


  1. And you yourself are a blessing, for reminding us to look at and honestly acknowledge the little things that make life worth living. :o)

  2. It was a blast to get together. I am already looking back on that time and cherishing that we did it. Now that things are rolling along faster than I imagined, it's nice to be able to think back to just chatting and singing with you guys. I'm sure our little "triad of power" inside joke might be misleading to most, though :-) lol


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