Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dinnertime discovery has children begging to eat veggies.

Several weeks ago I found some beautiful asparagus at the grocery store. Asparagus is one of my personal favorites. Much to my chagrin, my children did not share my delight in the green spring veggie.

My husband, Dave, irritated with our children's picky behavior, discovered a brilliant way to convince, at least the boys, to chow down regardless of their opinionated disdain for the healthy side dish. Out of sheer genius and comedic value I thought I'd share this discovery with you. Apparently, if you personify the vegetable and give it a voice, per se, your dining experience alters exponentially. Here's what you do...

Take asparagus, or any other discarded veggie, stab it with your fork and scream, "Don't eat me! Don't eat me! Please NOOOOOO!" At this point you bite off the end of the veggie and say, "Oooooh, I bit off his head." Continue killing off the veggies in such a way until the entire veggie clan is annihilated.

I guarantee that it will work. Your kids will undoubtedly be murdering innocent vegetables for the rest of dinner time. Of course, ketchup adds to the fun and gore, but only use if you don't mind PG-13 slaughterings.

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  1. My son bites the heads off the asparagus but refuses to eat anything from the neck down. I'll have to try your trick with other vegetables -- we need to expand our repertoire.


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