Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't make me.

Lord, I love you, but don't make me say so too loudly.

Lord, I love to sing praises to you, but don't make me sing that old one.

Lord, I love your word, but don't make me go to bible class and learn it.

Lord, I love all your children, but don't make talk to that one.

Lord, I want to live for you, but don't make me uncomfortable.

Lord, I want to wear the name Christian, but don't make me act differently than my peers.

Lord, I want you to provide for me, but don't make me look at that homeless man.

Lord, I want everyone to go to heaven, but don't make me tell anyone about you.

Lord, I want to pray to you, but don't make me do it in public or when I'm busy.

Lord, I want to be with you, but don't make me give up my life.

Lord, I want my family to be a part of your church, but don't make me change our schedule.

Lord, I want you to forgive me, but don't make me forgive them.

Lord, I believe you are more powerful than anything, but don't make me obey.

Lord, I love you, but don't make me love you too much.

Are we so reliant on the grace of God that we forget our first love?

Praise GOD for grace.

God forgive us for living a lie of a false commitment. May we each strive to live dangerously, to walk courageously, and to stand firm, all for the cause of Christ. May we each forget ourselves and this farce we call our reality, our life, and instead work toward what is real, the eternal.


  1. I like this a lot. Great words.

  2. Well said. I'm going to read this to our teens tonight in class. Our topic: Living A New Life (in Christ). Should fit in nicely:)

  3. Thanks for reading, guys! I'm glad you can use it, Lee. :)


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