Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Little Sermons from Little People

This is the first post I ever added to my facebook page. I thought I would use it for my first blog post, too. :) It is a good description of my life... and my faith... and my little blessings.

Enjoy, and I hope you come back to read more!

Little Sermons from Little People

As I trudge through the valleys, you know the days, when you just cannot muster up enough faith to even whisper a prayer. My children have this overwhelming tendency to preach to me. They don't lecture, as some would interpret the word. They show me Jesus.

Several weeks ago, my sweet little girl caught me in my bedroom crying and wrapped her little arms around me saying, "Mommy, just pray and everything will feel better. Jesus can help." Isn't this backwards? I am supposed to comfort my child, right?

Today my three year old son got his wrist caught in a toy and called out, "Help me, Jesus!" I laughed after he was freed of his temporary snare when he said, "Hey, thanks."

Our baby had to have a blood test yesterday. I really HATE blood tests. When it is your kid getting stabbed by a scrub-clad vampire, it can be traumatic. Yet this little one showed so much strength and trust. I know, I know...he is just a baby... but this kid would not bleed. The nurse poked his little finger and had to squeeze for a good five minutes to get a drop. He just sat there and took it, without complaint. He turned to look me in the eyes and smiled as I held his other tiny hand. Are you kidding? When I go in to have a blood test, I am not smiling. I, interestingly enough, act like a baby.

In my pathetic walk of faith, I complain about hot weather, being out of coffee, and Taco Bueno forgetting the salsa...but my baby boy can smile through getting poked with a needle and squeezed till his infant hand turns purple. My guess is...he knew I was there, so he was ok.

Now that, my friends, is a sermon. I know God is here. I know He exists. I don't need apologetics. I don't need the educated elite to agree with me. I see Him in my children, in their laughs, in their cries, in their big blue eyes, and in their daily faith-filled sermons. I am sure the skeptics would disagree and possibly mock my simple justification for the existence of God. I am not really concerned. If we miss the little sermons of life, we truly miss the mark entirely.

For now, I will watch for Him when I watch my kids.

"From the lips of children and infants, HE has ordained praise." Psalm 8:2


  1. I'm glad I get to be the first one to say, "AMEN!"

  2. Well written, love. We have sweet kids. Sometimes...


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